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54. Saint's Blood by Sebastien de Castell

Book 3 in the Greatcoats series.  I have reviewed the first two recently.

I am definitely not the best person to write a critical review.  Regular readers will remember how much I love the series in general and the main character Falcio in particular.

This book continues to be action-packed with a duel in nearly every chapter, and Falcio discovering new enemies coming out of the shadows right, left & centre.  This time it's the religious orders, who were pretty irrelevant in the series up till now.  The gods and saints are being killed and the Greatcoats have to figure out why as well as stop the perpetrators. Falcio gains some new allies in this one, but continues to pay an extremely high price for fighting for what he believes to be right.

De Castell doesn't kill off characters often, but when he does it really packs an emotional punch.  This book has All The Feels and I loved it very much.


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