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Still here. Getting into more of a routine with the new job and it is kicking my ass less.

As some of you will know from Facebook, the fireplace was installed yesterday. I'd got all worried that it was too big (not in a "it won't physically fit" way but in that it would look wrong). That was the anxiety speaking - it looks perfect!

Sunlight is good for me. Even though it's been too hot even for me the last couple of days, I still feel better than I have in about two years. Today has cooled off but it's also overcast and sticky, so I hope I stay feeling well. In order to avoid over-thinking and stressing over packing for the Newfoundland trip (6 days away!!!) all weekend, I have decided to go to London for the weekend to catch up with some people. This was mainly made possible by the new super off peak train fare - it's not as cheap as, say, booking the coach a month in advance, but it's faster than the coach and I can catch any train on the weekend, so I can come and go when I am ready rather than either rushing or having to hang around.

Have not done any book blogging for several months now. I could start, or I could continue to prevaricate over whether to continue doing it here or to start a "proper" blog. Guess which I've opted for?
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