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The knee injury was the weirdest thing. Thursday I could barely walk; went home & iced it & took some Naproxen. Friday morning it was a bit creaky and by lunchtime completely better.

I've now worked out what set it off. It wasn't the class where it happened, it was the Zumba class the day before. We have a new instructor & new style. Which would be great if I was still a hyperactive skinny 20 year old. (I know. Two years ago I was doing Insanity weekly. But then injury and I'm not there again yet). I definitely noticed the strain on my knee last night. Here's hoping it doesn't get set off in my class tonight again.

So just when I had a routine going, I'm back shopping for classes. I should be shopping for a new gym, but there are only three cheap gyms in the city centre. Pure would be better, but all the Young People from work go there - who don't get about exercising when you're fat & old & injured. So no. Gym Group have nicer machines, but a truly uninspiring class list. If I didn't need classes, every big hotel has a gym membership programme (including the one across the road from work), but I really do need classes.
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Today was a gym day, and I realised about lunch time that I'd left my inhaler at home. I knew putting it in my other bag yesterday was a big mistake - I normally only use it before the gym, but I'm still having the occasional dry hacking cough, and I do wonder if the "so humid I feel like I'm drowning" sensation is partially asthma related, so I decided to take it with me.

Decided to run tonight anyway. Oh, sensation of breathing through a straw, how I have not missed you.

The science, though:

Incidentally, when I look at my total numbers for today's run it's not that much worse than I've been doing since I started taking the inhaler. It just felt horrible, and there were a few moments of awful stomach cramping and feeling sick afterwards.

The interesting bit is everything else. The reason I had been in denial about putting on weight again until this week is that previously, every tiny gain in weight has meant disproportionate pain in my ankles and shins. But recently, nothing. Until today. It's nowhere near as bad as back in the winter, but I can definitely feel it and not in a good way.

I've never heard of this happening, but it would appear that it's possible that some of my impact (in)tolerance is related to not getting enough oxygen. Weird.

I was ready to crawl into bed at 8, which is something that hasn't happened post exercise for a bit, and I find it fairly easy to chalk that one up to oxygen deprivation.


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