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So my brain goes to strange places.

When the upcoming Voltaire gig was announced, I realised that Voltaire is the only artist I've seen *more than once* on either side of the Atlantic.

I got to thinking about other bands I've seen both here and in Canada/the US. So far I've got:

Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer
Peter Murphy
House of Love (The first time I saw Peter Murphy he was supported by House of Love)
Dead Can Dance

I may or may not think of more.
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Looking at Bristol Ticket Shop to see if there's anything I should know about, came across this:

ROBYN HITCHCOCK at the Fleece in Bristol on Fri 16 Apr 10 - - 8pm - Tickets £ 14.75 (that's including BTS's booking fee)

Who's in?


Saw him last year and was blown away.
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Anybody up for this, or am I on my own?
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While buying my tickets for Robyn Hitchcock and Durutti Column, Bristol Ticket Shop threw this up at me:

JOHN COOPER CLARKE at The Thunderbolt (formerly The Turnpike) on Bath Rd in Bristol on Sat 28 Mar 09


It's like some big postpunk conspiracy to part me with my money.


Dec. 14th, 2006 03:33 pm
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Cinema Strange will be playing in London on the 14th of February. (details here)[1]

The problem is, I already have tickets to see Duke Special here in Bristol the following day (15th). As I won't be working, I should be able to do both from a logistics point of view. However, I do need to get a handle on Not Spending Money.

I suspect I shall have to see how things work out nearer the time.

[1] They've had a new album out since August, which I haven't heard or bought, which should tell you all you need to know about the state I've been in.
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Duke Special are playing in Bristol!

Thursday 15 February 2007 at the Thekla.

£ 7.75

Yeah, that's the damn boat. I'm not 100% happy about that, but there are no weekend dates anywhere we can easily get to, so the Thekla it is.
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I just got the latest Projekt newsletter and got excited that Unto Ashes are doing a European tour.

Sadly, it's a continental European tour with no UK dates:

Unto Ashes European Tour with Qntal
The dates for Unto Ashes October Tour have been announced:
Oct 5 ~ Elserhalle ~ Munich - GERMANY
Oct 6 ~ Usine ~ Genf - SWITZERLAND
Oct 7 ~ Dynamo ~ Zurich - SWITZERLAND
Oct 8 ~ Musikhalle ~ Ludwigsburg - GERMANY
Oct 9 ~ location TBA ~ Fulda - GERMANY
Oct 10 ~ Jugendkirche Jona ~ Frankfurt - GERMANY
Oct 11 ~ La Locomotive ~ Paris - FRANCE
Oct 12 ~ Kulturforum Illipse ~ Illingen - GERMANY
Oct 13 ~ Vooruit Kunstzentrum ~ Gent - BELGIUM
Oct 14 ~ W2 ~ Den Bosch - THE NETHERLANDS
Oct 15 ~ Tivoli ~ Utrecht - THE NETHERLANDS
Oct 16 ~ Christuskirche ~ Bochum - GERMANY
Oct 17 ~ Musikzentrum ~ Hannover - GERMANY
Oct 19 ~ Kulturbrauerei ~ Berlin - GERMANY
Oct 20 ~ location TBA ~ Dresden - GERMANY
Oct 21 ~ Kassablanca ~ Jena - GERMANY

Being chronically short of both money and annual leave, none of those look particularly possible at this time.


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